Main Duties and Function



Main Duties and Function


Head of Laboratory
  1. Lead and coordinate all of laboratory activity.
  2. Planning for laboratory development.
  3. Coordinate the member of laboratory activity.
  4. Monitoring the infrastucture of laboratory.
  5. Provide the evaluation of the member of laboratory performance.


Laboratory Member
  1. Conduct the laboratory development.
  2. Provide guidance to student during practicum.
  3. Provide evaluation to the student after practice in the end of practicum period.


Laboratory Staff
  1. Conduct laboratory management both in technical and administrative fields.
  2. Maintain cleanliness of laboratory.
  3. Maintain laboratory equipment.
  4. Assist all of laboratory activity in practicum,research, and laboratory development.


Laboratory Assistant
  1. Assist head of laboratory and laboratory member in practicum process.
  2. Participate in the laboratory development.
  3. Maintain laboratory equipment and cleanliness of laboratory.