Head of Laboratory

Dr. Ir. Erni Yudaningtyas, MT.

Based on the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering No. 289 / UN10.6 / SK / 2013, head of the laboratory main duties and function :
  1. Planning for laboratory education, research, and community service.
  2. Composing operational plan and laboratory development.
  3. Provide service to academic community to develop science and technology.
  4. Preparing laboratory activity schedule.
  5. Coordinate all of laboratory activity.
  6. Provide guidance to laboratory member.
  7. Establish cooperation with external parties in the context of resource sharing and empowerment of laboratory.
  8. Infrastructure avaliability and laboratory activities monitoring and evaluation.
  9. Coordinate with head of expertise about science development and learning process.
  10. Make activities report at least once in every semester to Head of Department.

Laboratory Member

  1. M. Aziz Muslim, ST., MT.
  2. Ir. Purwanto, MT.
  3. Goegoes Dwi N., ST., MT.

Main Duties and Function

  1. Laboratory development.
  2. Provide guidance to practican who perform practicum.
  3. Provide evaluation to practican in the end of practicum period.