Laboratory Staff

Eka Desiana Hari Irawanti, ST.

Based on the Decree of the Head of the Electrical Engineering Department  No. 0549/H10.6.63/KP/2012 the laboratory staff main duties and function:

  1. Make a practicum registration form
  2. Receive practicum registration
  3. Completeness practicum requirements selecting
  4. Entry the list of practicum applicant
  5. Coordinate with laboratory assistant about pretest schedule
  6. Make a pretest schedule sheet
  7. Entry the pretest mark and make a selection for participants who passed the pretest
  8. Make a practican list and group division sheet
  9. Copying practicum book
  10. Distribute practicum book to practican
  11. Make a practicum schedule sheet
  12. Checking practicum equipment with the laboratory assistant
  13. Make a practicum presence sheet
  14. Monitoring practicum process
  15. Overcoming the euipment obstacles during practicum process by repair, take the backup equipment, or borrow equipment from other laboratory.
  16. Checking the practicum presence sheet and coordinate with laboratory assistant
  17. Selecting practicum participant that eligible to post-test
  18. Make practicum post-test schedule sheet
  19. Make post test participant assessment sheet for each examiner
  20. Distribute post test participant assessment sheet to each examiner
  21. Coordinate with examiner about postest schedule
  22. Take post test participant assessment sheet from each examiner after postest
  23. Entry postest mark
  24. Make practicum examiner honorariom submission sheet
  25. Make practicum mark letters
  26. Provide service for mark letters taking
  27. Practicum data archiving
  28. Laboratory equipment inventory
  29. Repair damaged equipment
  30. Preparing the procurement plan of consumables needs and laboratory equipment
  31. Provide service for student who do the final task in the laboratory
  32. Provide service for lecturer who do research and community service in the laboratory
  33. Clean the laboratory